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Welcome to Querlo Customized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Querlo is a customized AI solutions company that provides end-to-end services, from consulting to development and implementation. We specialize in Chatbot and Digital Assistant development, integrated with enterprise and business intelligence platforms.

We have experience managing NLU, NLP and NLG solutions such as OpenAI and ChatGPT. Our partnerships with leading tech companies ensure we provide the latest technologies and tools.

Part of the Querlo intellectual property includes the Querlo Chatbot Studio that allows for construction of sophisticated Chatbots and conversational AI solutions.

Technology Partners

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • OpenAI
  • Ready Player Me

Querlo is a trusted partner for clients seeking to leverage AI for growth and innovation. We provide ongoing support to ensure the solution meets the client's needs and evolves with their business.

Our Clients

  • HSBC
  • Pfizer
  • Pepsi
  • Philip Morris International
  • IBM
  • Tetra Pak
  • Lavazza
  • Svarosky
  • Yomiuri Shimbun
  • VFS.Global
  • Triton
  • Warner Music Italia
  • Confcommercio
  • Quid Informatica
  • Inaz

Automate your processes to increase your revenues with our Virtual Assistants

illustration Querlo HR

Empower your HR department with AI.
Seamlessly integrate with your existing HR processes.

  • -20%
  • <1min.
    average response time
  • +30%
    Employees satisfaction
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Chatbot Studio

illustration Lead Gen

An AI Chatbot with a dedicated dashboard to streamline your lead generation.

  • +25%
    website conversion rate
  • -2min.
    average time to goal
  • +30%
    user satisfaction
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Chatbot Studio

illustration Chatbot Studio

Visually create your chatbots.

  • 25
    different type of nodes
  • leverage with leading NLU services
  • collaborate seamlessly with your team
  • split complex workflows in functional containers
  • demand advanced logics to your favourite server scripting language
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Chatbot Studio

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