About us

Querlo is a consulting firm that provides β€œEmotional Chatbot" solutions πŸ’– and data management aimed to support businesses in the use and humanization of Artificial Intelligence.

On social media people hesitate to share their true sentiment and emotion for the fear of been judged by others, which makes traditional listening tools an inaccurate source of data. With Querlo’s Emotional Chatbot solutions, people are engaging in confidential one-on-one conversation in protected environments, motivated to share truthful conversations.

Querlo works with clients on a retainer or project by project basis. To discover how Querlo can benefit your brand, please contact our teams in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia at info@Querlo.com

Who we are

A team of hands-on experts that in the last 3 years, strategized, designed and launched 800+ Chatbots, collecting over 5 million items of data for clients including HSBC, Tetra Pak, Philip Morris and Yomiuri Shimbun – to name a few. Querlo is part of MTI USA inc, established in New York in 1995 owned and operated by a team of Italian technologists with offices in USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East.


  1. Establish a direct conversation and relationship with people
  2. Learn more about their passions and interests
  3. Educate them about the brand's or organization's initiatives
  4. Build, own and control a qualitative database and research - in Real Time
  5. Reward them for their interests and skills

The above is done with words, images and videos. Querlo is a, interactive chat with a customizable API that can be implemented on any website, mobile app and social media platform. Data is collected and documented in Real Time.

Our Clients

Custom Development

Every Chatbot can be customized upon client's needs and expectations. Services include:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Live and Video Chat
  5. Voice Recognition

Contact us

📧 info@querlo.com

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