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How an AI Digital Assistant works

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Listen, Respond, Learn

  • Provides a conversational connection with the employee
  • Does not require human intervention
  • Leverages the information available in the HR systems and documents
  • “Listens” to conversations with HR, responds with actions and transactions, and learns to enhance the knowledge base
  • Easy and secure way for employee to interact with HR systems
  • Accesses policy content via natural language (leveraging machine learning)
  • Increases the amount of data and insights from employees
  • Shifts HR's effort from low value, repetitive activities into high value activities

Why invest in an AI Digital Assistant?

Increase HR's efficiency and automate transactional work

54% of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022The World Economic Forum

Reskill and upskill HR

Penetration rate of Cloud based AI Digital Assistants for Enterprise Applications will reach 87% by 2020 according to Deloitte

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