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Querlo Chatbot Studio is the platform where you can easily create your own Conversational AI. Starting with a simple deterministic flow, you can then gradually elevate it by adding more advanced NLU functionalities and API integrations.
Experience the advantages a Conversational AI chatbot has to offer!

"Elements of AI like machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks are poised to power the next wave of a digital revolution.”Verizon

Conversational AI

Build a conversational AI model in a few minutes

Starting with our templates, you can create a simple chatbot and add a conversational AI model in just a few minutes . No need to feel overwhelmed by the word "Conversational AI".

Full Control

On Querlo Chatbot Studio you have full control of your conversational AI, you can customize your chatbot to your liking, view analytics reports and quickly make any changes.

Understand Sentiments

You can develop real sentiment analysis. Learn if the user is having a good experience or if at some point the chat should be forwarded to a real human.

Conversational intelligence

You can develop intelligent conversation to sound more human like based on NLU capabilities.



Build everything in simple clicks. Conversational flow is easy to grasp in our decision tree format.

Easy Posting

Simple copy and paste the JS into your web code source, and have the chatbot sitting on your website in an iframe or pop-up window.


Our powerful analytics dashboard will provide all the insights you need to know your audience and business performance.

Highly customizable

Most elements of the chat are customizable – insert your own media, upload an avatar, customize background, colors and typing speed. You can even insert custom CSS for the most advanced use cases.

API integration

Easily connectable with any external API through HTTP calls, Querlo also features an internal Javascript API which can be used to seamless integrate a chatbot into your existent web platform.


Implement the NLU function to make your chatbot more intelligent! Train NLU model on your own or ask our AI experts for help.

Live Chat

Human takeover

Allow users to request support from a human.
Decide what questions your team will handle directly.


Emails, Native notifications, Discord, get notified when someone wants to talk to you!

And Back to the bot!

Hand off the conversation back to the chatbot, once you are done.


Let your virtual assistant talk!

Our Chatbots can use the text-to-speech technology with the highest audio quality on the market.

All the languages in the world

Choose your preferred language and sex.

Voice Input

Our Chatbots will also listen to voice inputs and understand its meaning.


  • Websites

  • Whatsapp

  • FB Messenger

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