An important feature for the Metaverse is the capability to create AI entities.
Every Metaverse entity can access information provided by different sources.

Querlo allows us to connect several knowledge base and chatbots under one entity, so that users feel they are talking to one Metaverse AI entity but in reality they might be communicating with several different sources and have the option to escalate to a human.

Each knowledge base can be provided by various organizations such as for profit organizations, schools and not for profits aimed to interact with other humans in the Metaverse.

Querlo is a stable and reliable technology that empowered nearly 20,000 Artificial Intelligence entities and chatbots in behalf of clients such as IBM, HSBC and Pfizer to name a few.

Important Metaverse Artificial Intelligence entities are the AIs of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and The David. The knowledge partner gets to use its knowledge base also for other use case, for example their own customer service needs, social responsibility or educational projects, and at the same time it also contributes to their Metaverse centralized intelligence making their Metaverse AI representatives smarter and more efficient.

Another very important aspect is the fact that the Metaverse AI representatives will have a dashboard of custom KPIs and data points reporting back on what is happening in the Metaverse, measuring sentiments, emotions, classifying questions, reporting ideas, threats, helping find solutions and new initiatives.

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