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Want to add an AI layer to your enterprise system?​

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Enterprise Solution
Enterprise Solution

Querlo will help to make your organization smarter as a whole!​

Our powerful Lead Gen solution can convert higher percentage of your web traffic and produce stronger customer engagement.
Our solution can help lead customers through virtually every part of the sales funnel.

From HR management to Knowledge Exchange, Querlo's Conversational AI solutions will empower your employees and inspire communications of stakeholders both internally and externally.

Satisfied employees lead to higher productivity and quality work.​

Unleash the power of the conversational AI to help you meet the needs of your employees. Make it faster and easier for them to get answers from your organization and giving them a helping hand through AI support. ​

Our platform helps you automate daily tasks to free up your employees for more challenging work. Our solution also foster internal communication at your organization, to engage cross-department idea exchange, and to reward the most contributing individuals and departments. ​

84% of enterprises believe investing in AI will lead to greater competitive advantages.Statista


Happier Employees

Provide your employees with a 24/7 automated service. You can meet their needs faster and make their lives easier while boosting the productivity. ​

Automation and organization

Schedule meetings, calls and appointments to save time and keep your daily tasks in routine. Additionally, employee on boarding can be extremely streamlined and efficient by an intelligent bot.​

Empower Employees

Solve common requests especially in the IT and HR department, so that your employees are free and can spend more time on complex requests.

Improve internal communication

Increase employee engagement with a personalized interaction. Foster cross-department communication through effective rewarding system and shared organizational knowledge library.



The Natural Language Understanding capability can create smooth conversation with powerful logic as keeping the human element in customer service while using AI and machine learning.

API Integration

The platform can integrate with most external APIs and internal ones to make the solution complete and tailored.​

Seamless workspace integration

Compatible with most popular workspace, Sharepoint, Slack, etc.​

Highly customizable

The product is easily adaptable and customizable. We also deliver bespoke solutions to meet your unique business needs. ​


Powerful analytics to show you insights of business performance and identify points of improvement.

CRM integration

We generate CRM insights to support your business decision making.

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