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Lead Insights


To support your campaign, Forbes Insights will engage in direct email and social media outreach using Conversational AI technology with customized questions and conversations to gather proprietary insights. This can be combined with Forbes Lead Generation service.

Lead Insights Provided:

  • Insights and perspectives
  • Comments
  • Sentiment and emotions
  • Company stage in the journey
Forbes Insights

Benefit of AI in Lead Insights

We work closely with partners to drive success

The use of Artificial Intelligence improves the quality and the quantity of engagements. AI also provides faster MQLs (marketing qualified leads) that lead to better SQLs (sales qualified leads) and then Conversions.


  • Higher engagement level
  • Reduced time to conversion to MQL (marketing qualified lead)
  • Better proprietary insights and datasets
Forbes Insights

Lead Gen


Drive actionable results for your marketing ROI with a strategic, turnkey and customized B2B lead generation campaign. Leveraging program content Forbes will execute a turnkey campaign that includes:

  • Email outreach to a pre-qualified, receptive audience
  • A campaign that is customized to your target audience based on:
    • Industry
    • Company size or company names
    • Job title by seniority and function
    • Geographic location
  • A guaranteed number of leads* delivered via XLS or custom API (additional fees may apply) with complete list of names, companies, titles and email addresses delivered upon end of campaign

*All program leads will be MQL unless otherwise scoped; leads will have opted in to receive further marketing communications from you

NOTE: Costs vary based on lead demographics, campaign timing, etc...

Forbes Insights

Lead Gen User Journey


Audience Universe

Audience selection details + suppression list shared with Forbes and any ABM lists
Estimated number of leads supplied
Note that this number is estimated based on database of B2B audiences who have consented to receive content that may be of interest to them

Campaign Preparation

Creative asset agreed upon
Copy to generate interest in the creative asset is developed and shared with client for sign-off

Deployment & Delivery

Email is deployed to target audience
Recipients are able to directly download the creative asset from the email
Creative asset is not gated as recipient’s info is already on file
Complete list of recipients who viewed and/or downloaded the creative asset is supplied to client as a MQL.

*Please note, Forbes is not responsible for the leads preference towards the partner or likeliness to buy products or services.

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