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Our Graphical Bot Configurator “Querlo” has given birth to more than 1,000 conversational AI solutions with responses completely personalized for you and your customers.

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Chatbot Assistant
Chatbot Assistant

The Chatbot Assistant will transform your business and brand

Our chatbot assistant will represent you as a virtual self. It is a powerful tool to build your audience as an influencer, entrepreneur or just simply want to interact with colleagues to get to know more about you.
You can share the type of stories, information and content you want. Soon, your chatbot assistant will be able to organize your daily activities, schedule meetings and calls.

Messaging is one of the most used platforms in our daily and business life. It is important to interact with your audience and continue to target more for your business or brand growth.

With the rise of AI, you can explore the advantages of NLU and machine learning to build a smarter chatbot. ​ Having a chatbot assitant represents an opportunity for business and personal branding to communicate and engage your users through a messaging platform. ​

According to BridghtEdge, the next big marketing trend is seen as being consumer personalization (29%), followed by AI (26%).BridghtEdge


Reaching new audience

Reach new audience in your specfic industry by being continuosly active on this platform.

Save time

Save time from repeating the same story and information. Let the chatbot assistant provide fast and automated answers to most questions, while you can sit back and relax.​

A deeper understanding of your audience

Receive detailed, actionable records of your audience conversation, understand customer behavior to improve your product or services, as well as target marketing focus.​

24 / 7

Offer full hour support when users have questions around the clock. Having a 24/7 service has a positive impact on your customer satisfaction. ​


Highly Personalized

Your chatbot works for you personally, and therefore can be 100% tailored according to your preference, including content and visual. ​

Simple to build

Upload your favorite picture and share your personal stories – you can build this chatbot assistant in a few minutes!​

Easy posting

You can easily post your chatbot assistant anywhere with the unique URL. You can also insert it as an iframe or pop-up into your website.


The analytics dashboard will share insights from all conversations engaged with your audience.

Media rich

You can attach various media into the chatbot – images, GIFs, video, etc.​


There are various add-ons you can use to upgrade and make your assistant more intelligent and powerful.

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